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easyGIO Tools for NI LabVIEW
What Is easyGIO?

easyGIO Tools for NI LabVIEW is a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use functions, controls, dialogue windows, application enhancements, templates, and development tools that have been designed for novice as well as experienced developers to reduce the time and effort required to develop better-looking and more effective LabVIEW™ user interfaces and applications.

Why Use easyGIO?

Reduces your development time
Reduces your block diagram complexity and size
Adds sophisticated functionality to your applications
Makes your user interfaces more effective
Is easy and intuitive to access and use
Is modular, expandable, and affordable
Is approved by National Instruments as a "Compatible with LabVIEW™" product
Can be installed on multiple PCs for use by a single developer
Does not require additional cost or licensing for distribution of executables
Is developed and supported by a Certified Alliance member

What Do You Get?

easyGIO Tools for NI LabVIEW provides you with additional LabVIEW palettes that include Standard and Intermediate functions and controls, and Advanced tools such as Alarm Management, Calibration Management, User Management, Event Logging, and Application Development Tools. All VIs and tools are supplied with help and examples and an Access Panel for easy browsing.

Standard Functions include Array, Boolean, Comparison, Numeric, and String palettes. Intermediate Functions include Control Properties, File I/O, Dialogues, Images & Vision, Instrument I/O, Measurement I/O, Picture Control, Report Generation, Security, Signal Processing, System, Timing, and User Interface palettes.

Intermediate Functions and Advanced Tools require a licence stored in a hardware key in order to enable their functionality in the LabVIEW™ development environment - licensing and the hardware key are not required when VIs are compiled into executables.

Go to the easyGIO product website at for full details about the product and its pricing, and to download versions for LabVIEW 2009 through to 2014.