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LabVIEW Hardware Drivers

Hardware Key

The easyGIO Hardware Key Toolkit is a LabVIEW API for easily and effectively integrating the UniKey STD USB hardware key into your LabVIEW applications. A USB hardware key is a simple and secure way to licence your valuable software to protect against illegal use. The hardware key requires no special drivers (they are already included in Windows), and can hold secure information about your application including up to 64 licence modules and 4096 bytes of user data.

The toolkit is comprised of a single high-level VI for integration into your application, a set of low-level advanced subVIs, and a utility application for programming your keys. The LabVIEW API interfaces with a low-level API supplied for the UniKey hardware key by SecuTech.

Siemens S7 PLC
The easyGIO S7 PLC Driver is a set of VIs to perform communications with a Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC using its OPC Server. PLC data items specified in a lookup file are created programmatically by a continuously-running server VI for subsequent read and write operations performed by two separate VIs.
Modbus Master
The easyGIO Modbus Driver is a VI that performs communications with a single Modbus slave via an Ethernet TCP/IP connection. Data words can be read from or written to single or multiple registers. Boolean data can be read from or written to single registers.
CAN Channel API Server
The easyGIO CAN Channel Driver is a VI that performs communications with multiple devices on a CAN bus. CAN messages are defined according to interface (e.g. CAN0), message name as defined in MAX, direction (read or write), number of channels, and sample rate. All data values are DBL type. The Channel Server VI runs continuously, responding to requests the message handling VI to read or write data, while another functional global VI allows the application to stop the server and query error status.
VSD Serial Driver
The easyGIO VSD Serial Driver is a VI that performs communications with a Eurotherm/SSD Drives/Parker VSD (variable speed drive) via a RS-485 serial connection. The driver uses the internationally recognised EI Bisynch ASCII message protocol to read and write data using devices and tag addresses.
Barcode Scanner Driver
The easyGIO Serial Barcode Scanner Driver is a VI that reads text scanned from a barcode scanner via a serial connection. The serial port is opened and closed each time the VI is called, thus making the VI very easy to integrate in your application. Each scan is expected to be terminated by a carriage return.
NMEA-0183 GPS Driver
The easyGIO NMEA-0183 GPS Driver is a VI that reads navigational data from a remote GPS device via a serial connection. The VI uses the NMEA-0183 protocol to read messages that provide latitude/longitude position, UTC time, course, and speed information (these messages are $GPRMC, $GPVTG, $GPGGA, and $GPZDA).
TTi PL330P PSU Driver
The easyGIO PL330P PSU Driver are VIs that perform communications with TTi PL330DP (dual output) and PL330TP (triple output) DC power supplies. The VIs use NI-VISA so that either the GPIB or RS-232 interface may be used for remote control. Operations include turning outputs on or off, setting output voltage, setting current limits, and reading back actual output voltages and currents.