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OPTO-108 Isolated Digital Input Board

OPTO-108 Isolated Digital Input Board
8 optically-isolated 3-50VDC differential digital inputs
5V TTL non-inverted logic output per channel
Designed to interface industrial equipment with low-voltage electronic circuits
7-32 V DC supply input draws 3/4W max (5V version available upon request)
Supplied on a single-sided PCB with various mounting options
LED for each channel (input high) and for 5V supply rail
110 x 72 mm PCB footprint
112.5 x 77 mm footprint with universal mounting base
£135 + VAT supplied as board only
£149 + VAT supplied with universal mounting base
Subtract £4 for 5V supply version (OPTO-108-5V)
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Currently made to order
Isolated input circuit
Create a low-cost 24-channel system using 3 input boards and an NI USB-6501
We can design and build a custom input board for your application
All components and materials used in this product are RoHS Compliant
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