Experts in LabVIEW™ Software Development and Systems Integration
for Automated Test, Measurement, Control and Datalogging

Hardware Design and Fabrication

Auric Solutions Ltd can design and build custom hardware for projects that require special-purpose signal conditioning electronics and equipment interfacing that cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Enclosures can be wall, panel, or 19" rack mounted, and can be assembled with components bought and supplied either by Auric Solutions Ltd or the customer, or even a combination of both. Enclosures for signal conditioning and interfacing are supplied fully wired, documented, and tested for functionality and safety. In cases where quantity permits, we can even design and build PCBs and get instrumentation panels screen printed.

Auric Solutions Ltd has external resources to design and build complete test machines, including components such as high-power AC or DC motors, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, conveyors, multi-axis motion control, vision, water and oil temperature control, HMIs, and of course PC/PXI-based data acquisition and signal conditioning.