Experts in LabVIEW™ Software Development and Systems Integration
for Automated Test, Measurement, Control and Datalogging

System Integration

Auric Solutions Ltd is not only a LabVIEW software developer, but can also provide complete integration of LabVIEW application software with customer systems, machinery, and other hardware.
Auric Solutions Ltd offers the option to purchase and supply all system hardware or to integrate software with a system entirely specified and supplied by the customer.

Systems integration tasks most often include:

Selection of appropriate sensors and actuators
Selection of the most suitable data acquisition hardware (based on price and performance criteria)
Selection of PC and monitors (based on DAQ hardware and application requirements)
Assembly and fitting electrical wiring and cables
Fitting of instruments and other hardware into racks or machinery cabinets
Configuration of test instruments for remote control and required functionality
PLC software installation, configuration, and programming
Design and supply of custom signal conditioning